Reports & Certification

Reports and Asset Management

within the various working environments, the electrical equipment falls into three classifications, class 1, class 2 and class 3, classification and type of equipment can result in a large number of items (assets) to manage and track. keeping detailed records for each asset and monitoring every piece of equipment for the duration of it's safe operating lifetime requires professional equipment and high standard of working practice. We achieve this by allocating each asset to a bar code and retaining detailed reports. This not only makes our working practice easier, it also takes the burden away from you, leaving you to do what ever it is you do best and simply having the documents to prove you have been following the various government regulations. We are very flexible with appointment times, testing can be arranged at a time to suit your business, day or night.


Once we have completed the PAT testing process in accordance with the latest code of practice, a set of detailed testing results and a certificate will be supplied to you, We also retain copies to help with re-test reminders and for monitoring any equipment that may be starting to show signs of a developing fault. The detailed report and certificate will be very important in the unlikely case of an insurance claim or indeed to demonstrate that you are following the various government regulations that related to electrical items in the work place. Our certificates and reports are also essential for businesses that enter other working environments, a typical example of this would be a DJ or similar type of entertainer that works in hotels, virtually all hotels will insist on seeing PAT test certification before allowing entertainers to operate their electrical equipment on their premises